6 Exciting Things to Do in Santorini

About 3,600 years ago one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history (the Minoan eruption) gave birth to the scenic islands of Santorini. The eruption was so great that it is linked to the popular theory of the source of the legend of Atlantis. The city is also known as the Greek Pompeii. Today, Santorini has a permanent population of only 15,000, but the island attracts more than 2.5 million tourists every year.

The Santorini sunset is a phrase you will come across quite often. The island is known for its breathtaking sunsets and several guides describe the best places to watch a sunset. Make sure to always keep your camera within a hand’s reach.

Located on the sightly Santorini islands, the Fisherman’s House provides for a great start for your journey. The hotel offers bike rentals, shuttles and car hires for your comfort. Simply let us know about your arrival dates and leave us a message so we can prepare everything for your arrival!

1. Visit the Santo Winery

things to do in santorini

Santo, a scenic winery nestled in the heart of the islands, is definitely at the top of the list of things to do in Santorini. The winery exploits the combination of local agricultural production and tourism, with a fine selection of Greek gastronomy.

The winery offers wine tasting tours which can be booked online. The tours will take you through the wine production facilities and an adventurous selection of wines tasting. The place also features a restaurant with a terrace stretching along the edge of the cliff. It overlooks the Nea Kameni and Nisis Palaia Kameni islands, and all the boats arriving and leaving the Athinios Port Santorini. Visitors are highly encouraged to enjoy a glass of wine during the sunset hours. Although the restaurant is usually booked during the golden hours, it’s definitely worth the effort to make a reservation.

2. Go on a Water Tour

things to do in santorini

Sailing the waters on a cruise boat with a Greek captain telling you stories about life in Santorini is another must do. Santorini thrives with boat tours ranging from €25 to several hundred. The tours offer a few hours worth of stunning landscapes: the steep slopes of the caldera, the white and red beaches of the island, the picturesque cliffs. The popular destinations of the boat tours include the Santorini Volcano, the Hot Springs, Therasia island.

Also, other options comprise of windsurfing, luxury catamaran rides, paddle and snorkel. Pick your style or try all of them – a wonderful day is guaranteed!

3. Ride a Donkey

Donkey riding is a thing in Santorini. The government even issued a new set of regulations governing the tourist rides when the attraction became extremely popular. In 2017, given the big number of tourists arriving to Santorini, France has sent over 300 mules and donkeys to help keep up with the demand.

The tame animals will gladly help you move from the port to Fira and explore its narrow pathways and endless stairs. Santorini Donkey offers various riding options, including donkey, mule and horse rides. Santo Horse Riding is located within walking distance of the Fisherman’s House.

4. Explore the Famous Landmarks

things to do in santorini

A typical sightseeing walking tour will range between 3 and 6 hours, so make sure to grab a comfortable pair of shoes. The local guides will take you on a historical walk starting with Santorini Caldera, moving on to the traditional village of Oia (the most photographed location on the entire island!) and its sunny streets . Further, the guide will take you to the famous Blue Dome Church in Firostefani, the peak of Prophet Ilias (highest mountain) and the old capital of Pyrgos.

5. Scuba Dive

Regardless if you are diving for the first time or are an expert diver, Santorini will meet your every need. Furthermore, if you decide to become a certified diver you can take your courses in several languages – English, Russian, Italian, French and Greek. All the tours offer full equipment, however bear in mind that some advanced level diving will require a diver certification.

With prices ranging between €45 to €500, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. During the scuba safari you will get to see shipwrecks, the island of Dragonisi, remnants of the volcano and the Paradise Reef. Prepare to spot squids, wrases, starfish, sponges and many other sea creatures. Tours vary, depending on the weather, water currents, and your diving experience. Take a look at the different depths of the caldera here.

6. Discover the History

The Akrotiri Archaeological Site featuring the Akrotiri Museum will take you on a time journey back to the Minoan civilization. The museum displays the actual city from back when the ashes of the volcano engulfed the civilization and froze it in time. Pottery, tools, utensils, colorful wall paintings, authentic jewellery and marble figurines are just a few exhibits of the museum. The Akrotiri archaeological site is one of the most important well-preserved prehistoric settlements. The excavations continue up to this day and can be observed from inside the museum.

Finally, the Fisherman’s House has also prepared a list of recommended places to visit. Let us know when you are planning to visit Santorini and we will make sure that you have a great stay with us!

Published June 13, 2019

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