Akrotiri is the Place to Enjoy the Real, Traditional Santorini

Akrotiri in Santorini is slightly off the beaten path, which offers some solitude while still providing Caldera views. Plus, most travelers find the area more affordable than other villages on the island. And you’ll be near the archaeological ruins and the lighthouse. There are so many reasons to consider an Akrotiri hotel. Here’s a look at the top benefits of staying in the area when visiting Santorini.

Benefits of Staying in an Akrotiri Hotel in Santorini

As you plan your Santorini vacation, consider these benefits of booking accommodations in Akrotiri Village.

1. Caldera Views

The Caldera is the rocky section of the island that a volcanic eruption created more than 3,500 years ago. It is 18 kilometers long and includes steep rocks and massive cliffs. Given how unique the view is, it draws tourists from around the world each year. From Akrotiri, you can see the caldera well and take in its stunning views as you go about your day. 

2. Affordable

Because Akrotiri is not near the touristy areas of the island, it is far more affordable. It’s one of the best areas for a hotel with a view at an affordable price. So you’ll still be in a great place to take in Santorini’s beauty, without breaking the bank.

3. Lighthouse Sunsets

Akrotiri Place Enjoy Real Traditional Santorini One of the best places to view the sunset on the island is from the Akrotiri lighthouse. The lighthouse sits on the edge of a high cliff, overlooking the sea. Santorini is famous for its sunsets that reflect off the small white houses built on the Caldera cliffs. Getting up a little higher to view the sunset from the lighthouse offers a romantic or tranquil environment to relax and take in the views. 

4. Family-friendly

If you’re traveling with children, you’ll find the Village of Akrotiri especially family-friendly. The restaurants and taverns in the area serve young guests well and know how to delight young travelers. Plus, less noise and hubbub can help young ones relax and settle after a busy day exploring the island. 

5. Privacy and Seclusion

Getting away from the areas with the largest and most luxurious hotels can help guests enjoy some privacy and seclusion. That’s one reason why Akrotiri is well-known as a great place for honeymooners. If you want a more laid-back vacation, this is an ideal place to stay during your travels.

6. Offers a More Authentic Experience

Get away from tourism and enjoy time with the locals in Akrotiri. You’ll find the atmosphere is much quieter and gives you a slice of life in the day of local villagers. You’ll also hear about the best places to go and do things that never make it into tourist books for a more authentic experience.

7. Less Crowded Beaches

While they aren’t the most beautiful or largest beaches the island boasts, Akrotiri still has stunning beaches that are far less crowded than the ones that make it into the tourist brochures and blogs. Start your days on one of the quiet, peaceful beaches before venturing into the areas with more tourism and travelers.

What to Do in Akrotiri Santorini

There are several can’t-miss views and experiences when staying in Akrotiri. Here’s a look at several.

1. Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Akrotiri Place Enjoy Real Traditional Santorini This perfectly preserved ancient city was instantly vaporized during the volcanic eruption 3,500 years ago, which made the island what it is today. At the time, the Minoans from Crete inhabited the site. Don’t worry, you won’t come across human remains in the city because no archaeologist has found any. You can see what life was like at the time as you walk through the impressive buildings and rooms. View artifacts from the time as you explore the city.

2. Visit the Lighthouse

If you choose not to visit the lighthouse during sunset, you should still make it a priority to see it while you’re staying in Akrotiri. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece, dating back to 1892 when a French merchant company created it. While you won’t be able to get inside, you’ll still get to take in some incredible views from the cliff and view the old lighthouse’s architecture.

3. Enjoy the Red Beach

Akrotiri Place Enjoy Real Traditional Santorini ​​One of the most iconic beaches in Santorini is the Red Beach. It’s an incredible experience thanks to the contrast between the red lava rock cliffs and the sparkling blue water. Come prepared with good footwear to make your way to the beach. You’ll be hiking for about five minutes on rocky terrain. While you’re there, you can rent snorkels or other water equipment to explore and experience the area. Visit the canteens for snacks and enjoy a day beachside.

4. Venetian Castle of Santorini

At the summit of the hill in Akrotiri is the Venetian castle. It is free to enter. You’ll get to see some incredible views from the top and will be close to many outstanding restaurants. Although the castle suffered damage during an earthquake in the 1950s, it’s still an interesting place to explore. The castle itself dates back to the 13th century. 

5. Find Snacks and Refreshments at Faros Market

Sample products, enjoy a free wine tasting, or stop in for some snacks and refreshments at Faros Market. The local owners make their products without additives or preservatives using traditional recipes. This is a great place to go to try fava, a popular local bean dish. Experience authentic Greek cooking or even take a cooking class to learn more.

6. Visit a Blue-domed Church

Santorini is well-known for its blue-domed churches. You can visit Panagia Kalamiotissa or St. Epifanios Traditional Orthodox Church to witness the unique and beautiful architecture while learning more about Greek culture and religion. 

7. Go Horse Riding

Enjoy riding horses throughout Akrotiri. While this is more of a tourist excursion since you’ll need a guide, it’s still a neat way to experience the island without the noise of a motorized vehicle.

The Ideal Akrotiri Hotel and Accommodations

If you’re staying in Akrotiri for the seclusion and authentic experience, book your stay at The Fisherman’s House. This authentic guest house gets you away from the crowds and is one of few accommodations with a private pool just for guests. You’ll also enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast that brings fresh Greek flavors to your room.  Take advantage of the shuttle service to help you reach your accommodations or use the free on-site parking. Choose from a variety of room options to create an atmosphere that is ideal for your stay. Book your stay now for the largest room selection and options.

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Published May 4, 2023

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