Santorini Red Beach: The Most Instagrammable Beach in Greece

If you’re headed to Santorini, you simply cannot miss the Red Beach. It is an iconic, famous beach that is worth spending time at, even if just to snap a few photographs. 

The Santorini Red Beach is considered the most spectacular beach in all of Greece. And the great news for those staying at The Fisherman’s House is that the beach is located in Akrotiri, which means you won’t have to travel far to get there.

Getting to the Red Beach

The one challenge with visiting the Red Beach is getting there. You can drive to the area and there is a nice parking lot above the beach. But the only way to get to the beach is to hike down the rocky terrain. 

If you’re already at the Akrotiri ruins, you can walk the short distance to the path that takes you down to the beach and make a full day of it.

But if you’re staying farther away from the beach, you can hail a cab or take the bus right to the path down to the beach. Don’t feel required to rent a car on the island just because you don’t want to miss this Instagrammable beach.

Once you arrive, you’ll see there are areas of the beach that are roped off. That’s because the local authorities are trying to keep tourists safe from falling rocks from the cliffs above.

Before you head down the path to the beach, consider picking up some snacks and beverages. Once you’re down on the beach, there are no vendors or restaurants. Most tourists find it frustrating to have to climb back up the hill to get provisions so make sure you’re prepared for your beach day before heading down.

What Makes the Red Sand Beach in Santorini?

Many tourists have never seen a beach with red sand and rocks before. This beach is unique because it is made from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The events eroded the cliffs that line the beach. With the erosion came the exposure of rocks that are iron-rich, which makes them red.

Is Swimming at Red Beach Permitted?

Yes, you can swim at the Red Beach. It’s a stunning area to go scuba diving too. So if you want some incredible photos, get a waterproof camera ready and work with an excursion company on a scuba diving experience.

Sea life is generally not what people are photographing during snorkeling and scuba diving in the area. Instead, it’s the incredible mosaic-like images of the sea floor that are stunning and unique. You’ll see neat volcanic caverns that are beautiful and every once in a while you might see fish or octopus hanging out there. 

Generally, swim season is from May to October. Outside those timeframes, the seawater is too cold to swim in. 

Can You See the Red and White Beaches on the Same Day?

There is no way to walk between the Red Beach and White Beach in Santorini. The only way to feasibly see them is to book an excursion that takes you by boat to both beaches. Otherwise, the beaches are pretty far apart by land.

Traveling by boat to the Red Beach is a popular option because then you don’t have to hike down the cliff to get to the beachfront. 

What to Wear for a Day at the Red Beach

The most important element of your clothing for a day at the Red Beach is practical footwear. The path down to the beach is rough. Flip flops will not be comfortable as the dirt path has many large rocks on it that could harm your feet if you don’t protect them properly.

During heavy tourist season, you’ll also need to be patient during the hike down the cliff because it is a narrow path and many people want to see this incredible beach.

Don’t worry, the views are worth the experience. Just be sure you plan for it.

If you plan to swim, make sure you’re already wearing your bathing suit as there is no space to change down near the beach. Swimmers also find that a nice pair of water shoes make the experience more enjoyable. That’s because even the beach is rocky. 

Santorini Red Beach

If you plan to stay a while, you should bring chairs or something more substantial to sit on. Otherwise, you won’t be very comfortable on the rocky beach.

Be sure to check the weather before heading to the beach as it could be windy and chilly. You might want to wear a jacket, even in the summer. Consider the time of day and where the sun will be as well because the beach could be in the shade of the cliff, which could make it chilly on a windy day.

The Most Instagrammable Shots at the Red Beach

Unlike most beaches, the water is not the most Instagrammable image at the beach. Instead, it’s the incredible cliff behind the beach with its volcanic geological formations that make for a great photo.

Consider taking your photo standing halfway between the water and the cliffs so that your image captures the water on one side and the cliff on the other to show how unique the area is. 

Get a closeup of the rock formations showcasing their deep colors and unique appearance. These formations are from thousands of years ago, which makes them even more marvelous.

While the red cliffs tend to be the main event at the Red Beach, the crystal clear waters are still spectacular. Take a shot over the water as the sun shines down and glistens on the incredible body of water. You might even see some boats in the distance.

As you walk down the beach, you’ll find the red cliffs slowly dissipate as the geological formations change. While this is not the White Beach, it does offer a different landscape for photographs. You also have to worry less about rock slides but the rocks down near the water tend to be larger, making it more challenging to enter the sea.

Making the Red Beach Part of Your Santorini Travels

The Red Beach is magnificent, though it is not the best beach in Greece due to the challenges of getting there and its rocky terrain overall. However, it’s worth the visit to see a unique beach landscape. You can spend a full down day at the beach just taking in the unique scenery.

If you want to ensure you don’t miss this unique beach experience, stay in Akrotiri nearby. Plus, you’ll get out of the hustling bustling side of the city where it’s often noisier and filled with tourists all trying to get the most out of their trip.

The Fisherman’s House is a cozy guest house that helps guests stay in comfort away from the crowds. And you’ll be served an incredible breakfast in your room each morning. The staff speaks both Greek and English to make your stay comfortable and easy. Book your stay now.

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Published August 4, 2023

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