Where Can Your Family and Friends Stay for Your Wedding in Santorini?

Santorini offers one of the most incredible backdrops for a wedding ceremony. Once you decide this is the place for your ceremony and celebration, it’s time to start thinking about where your family and friends will stay. The sooner you block rooms for your wedding in Santorini, the more options you’ll be able to provide your guests.

Learn some of the best places to recommend and book room blocks for your destination Santorini wedding.

Reasons People Choose to Have a Wedding in Santorini

If you’re still trying to decide whether a Santorini wedding is for you, consider these top reasons couples choose Santorini for their ceremony.

  • Stunning views
  • Clifftop hotels
  • Excursions
  • Clear water that is great for swimming
  • Beaches with a variety of landscapes (i.e., white beach, red beach, black beach)
  • Incredible historic sites
  • Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets
  • Hiking trails for those who are outdoor enthusiasts
  • Plenty of new places to explore and experiences to have
  • Traditional Greek cuisine

If you’re getting married during Santorini’s prime travel season of June through September, be sure to encourage your guests to book their stay early. That way, they’ll have the most options and secure the best prices before hotels book up and cost more.

Offering Guests Options: Hotels and Guesthouses

When visiting Santorini, you have the option to choose between a hotel or guesthouse when booking overnight accommodations. A Santorini guesthouse is the same as what you might call a bed and breakfast or B&B elsewhere. These are private houses where the owners open rooms to guests. 

Your guests will likely have different preferences for their ideal overnight stay. Some might want the familiarity a hotel offers while others want the quieter, more homelike feel of a guesthouse.

But what’s the real difference? Here’s how you can introduce the topic to your guests and guide them toward booking the best place based on their needs.

  1. Price: you might have some guests who want to go all out to see and experience Santorini while others are more budget-conscious. Guesthouses can help your guests save 10-30 percent on their stay while still enjoying amenities like free parking and complimentary breakfast. 
  2. Atmosphere: whether you’ve planned a large or small ceremony, the special day will be filled with a buzz of activity and excitement. As such, your guests might want a quieter, more relaxing environment for their overnight stay. A guesthouse has fewer rooms than a traditional hotel, making it a quieter property with less activity in most cases.
  3. Amenities: hotels tend to have a few amenities guesthouses do not, such as fitness centers, mini-bars, restaurants and laundry. Some guests care about these amenities, while others rarely use them. But giving guests an option for your wedding is nice.
  4. Location: many hotels in Santorini are in the more trafficked and tourist areas. While many guests will appreciate being close to everything, others might not. It’s best to offer both tourist-area and more secluded hotels.

Best Overnight Accommodations for Santorini Wedding Guests

You can’t visit every hotel and guesthouse on the island to create a short list of options for your guests. Instead, review these options that take into consideration the various preferences your guests might have, here’s a look at some of the best Santorini overnight accommodations.

1. The Fisherman’s House – Best Guesthouse for Wedding Guests

Wedding in Santorini

Provide guests the opportunity to enjoy quiet comfort at The Fisherman’s House. Here, they can enjoy a fresh Greek breakfast in their room each morning, splash in the private pool complete with poolside bar and enjoy the stunning views of the water.

The guesthouse offers many outstanding features, including excellent in-room coffee, daily maid service, laundry facilities, and a staff that speaks both Greek and English. You’ll also find nice perks, such as room service, pet-friendly rooms, an airport shuttle, access to bike rentals and free on-site parking.

Give your guests an authentic Greek experience in the quiet village of Akrotiri. On Booking.com, the facility receives a 9.2 rating from recent guests and they note that the beds are very comfortable. 

2. Apanemo Hotel & Suites – Best Mid-range Hotel

Apanemo Hotel is highly rated across many review sites and is listed as one of the top hotels on the island. While it is quite popular, it’s still affordable for the average traveler as it is considered a mid-range hotel. It’s also a kid-friendly hotel.

Located in Akrotiri, guests enjoy a nice breakfast, including freshly squeezed juices and homemade pastries. The tiered infinity pool overlooks the caldera with priceless sunset views. The on-site restaurant serves local and international foods. 

Guests note that the rooms are clean and feature incredible outdoor spaces that overlook the well-manicured property. The owners are locals and guests find the staff helpful and friendly.

3. Grace Hotel – Best Wedding Venue and Hotel for Guests

Make it simple for your guests to get to your wedding. Host the ceremony and reception at Grace Hotel where you can recite your vows on a clifftop overlooking the Aegean Sea. Guests can walk from their room to your wedding with ease while staying in a top-rated hotel. 

The couple will find personal touches for their special day and guests will find the experience easy and seamless. While you’ll offer incredible ease for your guests, the per-night cost is much higher than many of the other options on this list.

Guests can choose from deluxe rooms, suites or the villa, though you’ll likely be reserving the villa for yourself and your new spouse because it is absolutely stunning with everything you can imagine including a private swimming pool and indoor spa.

4. Astro Palace Hotel & Suites – Best Value Hotel

Don’t be deceived by the term “value hotel.” Astro Palace is not a budget hotel where your guests will be left with few amenities. Instead, it’s a hotel that does a great job of balancing price and experience. 

Located in Fira, the property offers one of the more modern hotels as it was built in 2010. Many rooms feature a private pool, which would allow your guests to relax in total privacy and comfort, though of course, those rooms are pricier than those that don’t have a private pool. Even if guests go with a room without a private pool, they’ll still be able to enjoy the water using the hotel’s large outdoor pool.

Guests enjoy incredible amenities, including a private balcony, room service, and an on-site fitness facility. Couples getting married at a winery or other event venue will find the bridal suite perfect for their overnight stay. The hotel is both modern and trendy to offer guests a fun environment for their stay.

5. Andronis Boutique Hotel – Best Luxury Hotel for Wedding Guests

Located at the heart of Oia Village, the property sits high on a cliff overlooking the caldera. You’ll be just 30 minutes from the airport and enjoy a luxury stay. Guests have called this hotel romantic, which might just take your wedding guests back to the days of their wedding. 

The architecture is stunning and sits on a hillside. The suites feature private balconies with hot tubs and sea views. Guests will enjoy the ease of the on-site restaurant, serving classic Greek dishes.

While the hotel is luxurious, the swimming pool is on the smaller side. It still has incredible views though for those looking to spend some time outside relaxing.

With just 14 rooms, the hotel books quickly and won’t be ideal if you’re trying to offer one hotel for all guests. But it’s still a good option to provide guests.

Booking Your Stay at The Fisherman’s House

As a family-owned property, The Fisherman’s House would be honored to be a part of your special day. Whether that means hosting you and your spouse or hosting your wedding guests. Book your stay now to enjoy authentic Greek hospitality.

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Published January 4, 2024

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